surgery training

Project: SimCath

Client: Imperial College London

Design: Salomé Bazin, Attila Schwarzkopf and Gareth Ladley



Simulation training is a crucial element of medical training and research, but facilities are over- stretched and expensive.

Design an affordable portable simulation suite for multi purpose surgical training.

photos ©Swann El Mokkeddem

How do surgeons prepare for an operation, when they know that the smallest mistake could be the line between life and death?


That was the question Cellule faced when developing SimCath, a cardiology suite for simulation training.

By training in a simulation environment, future surgeons have an opportunity to rehearse for complex surgery, performing common interactions between patients and clinicians in a low risk environment.


Developing SimCath was reminiscent of building

a theatre set, a stage which mimics the real surgical environment in such a way that the surgeons acting through their roles are immersed in the performance

of surgery and the relationship between patients and clinicians.

We worked with patients and clinicians to develop an immersive simulation suite ‘close enough to reality’ so that their behaviours within the simulation environment were as close to that of a live operating theatre as possible.


Engineered by the Cellule team, the SImCath elements have been designed and developped to be minimal, lightweight, and allow for affordable batch production. Robust engineering and simplified interface allow for any clinical staff to use it.


SimCath is affordable and portable. The unit can be transported easily from hospital to hospital, allowing teams to quickly set up a full scale operation in numerous different contexts and configurations.

in collaboration with:

Clinicians: Iqbal Malik, Mohamad Hamady, Kevin Haire, Emmanuel Ako

Academics: Fernando Bello,Roger Kneebone, Sharon Weldon, Ruth White, Luc Maréchal Partners: Sanamobel, Plastinform, Molo, Machines room,C3C Engineering